Facts about Federal Way, Washington

1. The Federal Way mission is a new mission, opening July 1, 2013

2. Sister Goaslind not only is part of the youngest ground of Sister missionaries but is the first group of new missionaries welcomed into her mission.

3.Federal Way, Washington's motto is It is all within reach. 

4.It's western boundary is Puget Sound, which is known for it's huge music community, as well as it's Orca Whales.

5. It is located between Seattle and Tacoma, neither of which are actually in Sister Goaslind's mission boundaries.

6. It was originally a logging settlement until the residential area grew to be bigger.

7. Mt Rainier, reaching 14,410 ft above sea level, an active volcano is a big tourist attraction in the Federal Way area. It is the most glaciated peak in the US. 

8. Federal Way is one of seven missions in Washington state.

9. There are 3 temples in Washington. They are located in Seattle, Spokane, and Columbia River.

10. The rainiest month is November which gets an average of 6.27 inches of rain. Heavy rain can be expected from October through April.

11. The average high temperature is 80 degrees in July and August with a low of 35 in November through February.

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